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  1. Gert می‌گه:

    Woah nelly, how about them apespl!

  2. I posted a comment on your Facebook page but wanted to comment here too – I say GO FOR IT! It’s what you want. Do it! It won’t be easy… if Baby #3 is anything like my Baby #3, I spent the first three months thinking I had done lost my mind. But after the initial difficult phase (and boy was he difficult, just like all the other moms told me baby #3 would be)…well, now he’s the life of the party, the shining star, the giggle of every day, the jokester, my snuggle bunny and our family would not be the same without him. GO FOR IT!

  3. ۲۶-۰۸-۲۰۱۱ Thank you for this post, Pam. It truly speaks to all of us with regard to making goals and knowing when flexibility is needed to attain them. What doesn’t bend will break should be our new motto!Patti

  4. I love the Civil Wars…you should talk to Katie about her connection to Joy.But the real reason I decided to post at all was because I was so disheartened by the minor role Delaware had on your cross-country adventure. I’m a little sad that the “small wonder” didn’t bring you more joy and hope…maybe you should just spend more time there next time.great post dom, thanks.

  5. You know.. I keep seeing recipes for all different kinds of ice cream.. I'm thinking I need to start shopping for an ice cream maker..These look delicious!

  6. What a great final outfit to wrap a great series! Would love to see Heidi star again an even longer series sharing, wearing and bringing fashion and history alive. Many thanks to Iké and Heidi and all involved in bringing such an enjoyable series to us.

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  10. Oi Camila,Entendi sim!! Eu tenho um casaco/blazer da Zara de mil anos atrás nesse verde militar. Vamos ver se deixo a preguiça de lado e faço tb. Bjs

  11. uns a esquecerem o holocausto, outros a fazerem eco das sábias palavras vindas lá do baticão…Esta gente anda doida. eles cá pra mim andam a fumar os livros.abraço do vale

  12. Gostei do texto do Luís Felipe.E me serve continuar sendo freguês do Corinthians, tendo levado um Brasileirão DE VERDADE, disputado em final. uashdausNo mais, acho que os corintianos poderiam admitir algumas barbaridades cometidas pelo clube em vez de ficar rotulando todas as críticas como RANCOR.

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  15. Well done. Even in the darkest moments of Iraq, you know, there was — and every day when I was reading the reports about soldiers losing their lives, no question there was a lot of emotion, but also there was times where we could be light-hearted and support each other.I’m sure every friend and family member of a soldier who died in Iraq feels much the same way. You know, good times, bad times, just gotta go with the flow. Jesus.

  16. começei a tomar anticoncepcioanl injetavel de mês em mêsmais minha menstruação continuou desregulada aí meu médico recomendou que eu tomasse o comprimido,mais, desde que eu troquei o remédio não paro de mentruar já faz mais de 15 dias que estou menstruando…não sei o que fazer…

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  19. A mi si que me has dejado en las nuebes! Las dos me gustan pero la de peras, queso y nueces me ha llegado al corazón, no me la quiero ni imaginar, acabo de comer una triste sopa en el trabajo… buaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  20. Jag som inte är så bevandrad i språk, men dock intresserad av det (därför jag följer bloggen), trodde ett tag att finskan och andra språk utan könsspecifika pronomen hade både de specifika och neutrala. Kanske tänker sig skribenterna det samma här.

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  23. Não é que a terapia leva as pessoas a ver coisas que não existem, é próprio da condição da psicose paranoica isto. Ninguem se torna paranoico porque quer. Se muitos se socorrem às teses reichianas de ovnis e outras tantas teses que nos confortam com respostas sólidas sobre o mundo (como muitas seitas religiosas hoje em dia) é porque há muitos buscando por essas questões. A psicoses paranoica não é tão incomum assim.

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  26. Feminism is good, it is right. There are no men and women only people therefore we must sue women just as much as men for being sexist at the workplace in the name of equality. Why? Becuse when som ugly hag that u find disqusting makes a remark about ur apperence a man WILL most likely be uncomfortble and rightly so. Cenk seems to think only hot women makes those remarks, it is not so. When its the ugly looser giving a remark to a women she will feel discriminated. When its the hunk…..

  27. This attempt at reconciling Communism and Islam was a phase. The Muslim uprisings brought that to an end. Officially anyway.The period I'm writing about was under Lenin. By 1970, much of that was a dead book.Unofficially, Muslim Communists remained polygamous and remained more loyal to Islam. When the Soviet Union began to collapse, some ended up fighting on the Muslim side.However I assume your class was in Russia proper, not one of the Muslim republics. I'm not sure what they would have been taught there.

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  35. that is funny…i have a cat too, she is a big cat but if i forget to feed her she follows me all over the house meowing. when i get to her food bowl she sits there and spins in circles coo-ing. she isnt much of a cuddle cat but if she wants her food, she usually nags till you give in.

  36. ۱۵۵Robert,Thanks for the article. Thomas Oden briefly discusses the Vincentian Canon in his book The Rebirth of Orthodoxy: Signs of New Life in Christianity. As a Protestant reading from a Protestant perspective it was a great introduction and resoundingly in harmony with your article.

  37. If Hoffman is a "deranged right wing extremist", and his republican opponent is "mainstream", how come people are planning to vote two to one in favor of Hoffman?Looks to me that these results define Hoffman and Sarah Palin as the respectable mainstream of moderate conservatism, and the rest of the field as the lunatic commie lefties, who want to save the earth by destroying technological civilization, and liberate the proletariat by sending them to work on the collective farm.

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  39. Biased much?you morons did not realize that she was playing a PORTUGUESE character and so she was dressed like a Goan Catholic duh.and who the heck are you fools to downplay her fantastic performance in the film when all the credible top critics praised her superlative performance in the film? Obviously their critique holds more water as opposed to wannabe fashionistas like youso stick to being superficial and let the real critics do their job.

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  41. UAW is not going to give any concessions. Next step, Oama will appoint union reps to the GM board. And keep bailing GM out, funneling more funds to the UAW.

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  56. You know, dear, well-read Barbara K., when I was researching my John & Tom, I was so struck, as you were, by their partnership at the founding of the republic. And by their differences, character-wise, so evident in their very different homes. Are they – and the individuals who lived there – not SO compelling? So who did you like better, Tom or John? Me, I'm thinking I'd choose Mr. Adams. But I'd rather go to dinner at Monticello.

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  61. Crackass the sequel? Wow, who’s screening your fellow tenants? My decrepit, unrenovated, and throughly abandoned looking SoBe ghetto building (we’re about two blocks from that stabbing story MNT profiled last week) has it’s flaws, but no one has stopped by to bang on the door.Not that the door would stay upright if they did.

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